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the pledge

TRANSPARENCY One of the core values at ZAB, from beginning to end of our coffee value chain.

This is the reason why we wanted to take part in that great initiative that is The Pledge (, a movement advocating for more transparency in the sourcing of green coffee.

By signing The Pledge, we wish for more actors of the specialty coffee industry to do the same and improve their practices. The goal being the increasement of the prices paid to producers, it would not only allow them to improve their living conditions, but would also make them economically autonomous, thereby capable of reinvesting in the future of their businesses.  

In this perspective, we are proud to announce that 100% of our coffees are transparent; we are making public and accessible information such as the FOB (Free on Board) prices.

Whether we are talking about sustainability or quality, the empowerment of producers is the key, and transparency is one way to achieve it.

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