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To make things easier, you can now choose the grind size you want (if needed) in our new Zab’s Grinding Guide. You choose a number, that matches a grind size, according to the equipment you have at home. This way, we make sure to grind your beans perfectly!

We know that a lot of you do not have a grinder, which is why we now offer to grind your favorite beans before shipping them to you. However, grinding coffee in advance is not ideal because it accelerate the loss of freshness; when you grind a bean, it breaks down and a bigger surface is in contact with oxygen. If you do need to have your coffee ground, we suggest you keep it in an airtight sealed container. That said, it is better to have ground quality coffee than bad coffee in beans!

What does the number represent?

You will notice that the grind size numbers are different as the ones you are used to at Paquebot or your usual coffee shop. It is simply because the parameters of our grinder are different. It is the case for every grinder, the wear of the burrs being different from one grinder to another. Do not worry, your coffee will be ground properly! Just make sure you choose the number corresponding to your equipment!

How to know if the grind size is good?

You are not sure you have the right grind size? A good clue is the brewing time, whether you are making espresso or any type of manual infusion. Your coffee is brewing to quickly (under extraction) or, on the opposite, it is brewing way too slow (over extraction)? You might have a problem with your grind size if all the other parameters, like the dry dose (amount of coffee you infuse), are right.

What to do if your coffee brews too quickly? You will have to choose a finer grind size, while on the other hand, if it brews too slowly, you will have to make it coarser.


Dripping too fast

Grind finer or put more coffee

Dripping too slow

Grind coarser or put less coffee

Too much acidity, under-extract

Grind finer

Too much bitterness, over-extract

Grind coarser

Too weak

Put more coffee

Too strong

Put less coffee


1 Commercial Espresso
1.5 Home espresso - Very fine Gaggia vintage
1.75 Home espresso - Fine Rancilio Silvia
2 Home espresso - Medium Breville (high-end), Gaggia
2.25 Home espresso - Medium-Coarse
2.5 Home espresso - Coarse Breville (entry level), Saeco, Delonghi, Cuisinart
3.5 MokaPot - Classic style  Bialetti
6 Aeropress
6.5 MokaPot -Third Wave style Bialetti
7 V60 (Pour-Over)
7.5 Kalita
7.8 Filtre
8 Cold Brew - Fine
8.5 Chemex
9 French Press & Bodum
9.5 Cold Brew - Coarse